The Best Food Trucks for Any Occassion

Food trucks are a phenomenon.

From nostalgic ice-cream to creative tacos, they’re a great way to add something extra to a party or show your employees how much you care.

So if you’ve had a great quarter, been pushing your team to the max or just want to celebrate another event in style, the best food trucks out there could be a crowd – and wallet-pleasing option for you.

Want to know why they’re a crowd pleaser, and make great economic sense?

Read on for our rundown of what the best food trucks can do for you.

The Best Food Trucks Are Tasty, not Pricey

Food trucks may serve all kinds of culinary delights these days.

If you want to push the boat out there are plenty that will serve you filet mignon or lobster. But some of the best food trucks tap into other crowd-pleasing foodstuffs that are kinder to the wallet.

Take one example – an events ice cream truck.

Remember the soft, whippy ice cream you used to get as a kid from the neighbourhood ice cream truck? Yep, it’s seriously nostalgic and will go down a storm with your employees.

The best corporate event ice cream trucks take this simple favourite to the next level.

These trucks offer dipped cones, sundaes, floats – even popsicles, all made with top-quality ingredients, and starting from just $3 per person – serious value.

Check out the extensive menu Mega Cone Creamery can offer you by clicking here.

Choose the right food, negotiate a per head cost and you can give your celebration the wow factor without blowing your budget.

On-Site and Efficient

Take your guys out to lunch and you’ve got lots of time drains to factor in.

Transport, browsing the menu, bathroom visits, settling the bill all take time – time away from work.

If you want to show your team you care without effectively giving them a day’s leave, the best food trucks are efficient, slick operations that keep people happy and moving and leave everyone satisfied.

When deciding which truck to go for, discuss with them the average serve times, so you can see how much of an impact it’s going to have on the workday. One food truck can usually feed between 150-200 people per hour.

With the best food trucks able to serve hundreds of your employees in a short space of time, you’ll find they save you money in another way – limited lost productivity.

Minimal Fuss

Food truck owners are highly motivated to make a good impression. Their business thrives on word of mouth and recommendations.

They know that great vibes come from great service.

Your employees might not mind standing in line for a few minutes, but they have their service down to a fine art, to make sure an impatient crowd doesn’t develop.

They’ll come right to your door (well, car park), prepare excellent food on-site and then leave.

What that means for you is no setup, no cleanup, no haggling over the bill. Clean, simple and efficient.

Whereas commercial caterers have additional overheads in terms of staffing, renting kitchens and storage facilities, food trucks are able to cut down on these.

This means that they keep their costs low, make simple products that they produce time and time again and do not have high overheads to pass on to you, the end customer. A win/win situation!

Mass Appeal

If you employ a lot of millennials, food trucks are right up their alley.

They have transformed themselves from their highly dodgy ‘burger after a night out’ reputation, into the coolest things on 4 wheels.

The best food trucks have millennials flocking in their droves, with 47% of them having dined from one. If you want to make a connection with your workforce, hiring one for a function is the way to go.

That does not mean though that they only appeal to one sector of your employees. With the offerings from the best food trucks being increasingly creative or gourmet, they will appeal to discerning palates of all ages.

Add in the nostalgia of certain trucks, such as ice cream trucks, they are sure to please your whole audience.

Whole Lot of Fun

Let’s face it, there’s just something fun about getting food from a truck.

Either surprise your employees with it as an unexpected treat, or let them know and all the anticipation to build. Either way, you’ll have a fun time and create a buzz as they stand in line for their treat.

Everyone loves something for free and however nice the catering is, there’s a little moment of joy when you head up to that window and get your free treat.

How to Get On Board

If you’ve decided that a food truck is the way to go for your next corporate event or staff appreciation day, then what’s next?

Think about your staff and what will appeal to them.

As we mentioned, it needn’t be the most expensive option that tells them how much you appreciate them, but you’ll also want to use the best you can so that your kind gesture doesn’t backfire.

Then try to make a booking a while in advance. Of course, they’ll try to accommodate you however last minute your request, but you can avoid disappointment by booking well in advance, particularly around the holidays.

The Verdict: The Best Food Trucks

The verdict is in, food trucks are the way to go.

Popular across the board, cost-efficient and delicious – what’s not to love?

Whether you’re thinking of using them for a corporate event or a large party for a special occasion in your personal life, they’ll be sure to go down a storm.

At Mega Cone Creamery, we have awesome ice cream trucks with groovy styling, ready to add some pep to your next event.

People love the nostalgia of an ice-cream truck, taking them back to running down the street, following that tune.

We’ve turned up the volume with high-quality ice cream and an amazing range of frozen treats to suit every taste.

Click here to see what we can do for you.

Spring Things: 7 Places to Get Ice Cream In Canada


While the snow and cold are still lingering spring is just around the corner. That means, in a short period of time it will be perfect weather for ice cream.

Of course, not just any ice cream will do. There are so many amazing ice cream shops in Canada that it’s worth a bit of a road trip to find the best.

Here are seven places to get ice cream in Canada.

1. Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is one of the best places to get ice cream. They have several locations, mostly in Toronto. However, there are at least seven new locations opening up in 2018. They even have a location in Baltimore, Maryland, in the US.

Their goal is to combine, “conceptual thinking with high-quality ingredients and products,” so that you can taste something unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted.

They also make cakes and even their own beer like the Mocha Marshmallow Stout with 6.2% alcohol. Those who might be offended by their name needn’t be. The name derives from the exclamation of enjoyment shouted when someone tries their ice cream.

It’s definitely worth stopping by one of their locations to check out if their flavours make you declare, “Sweet Jesus!”

2. Moo Moos

Moo Moos ice cream is still made by hand. While it’s still a small shop located in St. John’s, New Foundland, it’s worth taking the trip.

They sell premium scoops of ice cream, pies, cakes, cookies, and tubs. They even make their ice cream at their location.

Best of all, if you have food allergies, this is one of the safest places to get ice cream. Their knowledgeable and helpful staff can help you avoid your triggers.

If you decide to stop by, finding their store should be easy, it looks exactly like a black and white cow.

3. Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Rain or Shine Ice Cream is the best place to get ice cream if you’re looking to do a good deed and get free ice cream. They’ve teamed up with the Canadian Blood Services to offer a “Pint for a Pint”. Donate a pint of blood, get a pint of ice cream for free.

They make their ice cream in-house using fresh, natural, and sustainable ingredients that have been sourced locally. They’re also known for putting some interesting ingredients like beer in their ice cream.

Their flavours change quickly, especially their seasonal flings. Stop by now if you want to try a sample of their Rosemary Olive Oil with Candied Pine Nuts.

If a cone isn’t your thing, you can also get sundaes, milkshakes, and cakes at Rain or Shine, and they even cater events.

4. Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams has been part of the Toronto community for over 25 years. During that time, it’s consistently been one of the best places to get ice cream for the whole family.

Their store was fashioned in the Dutch style to pay homage to their family ancestry. Walking into the store is akin to walking into a child’s fantasy and it’s a fun place to check out for tourists and locals alike.

They have passed down their pancake and waffle recipes for generations and it’s all made in-house. Being culturally aware, they also offer 32 flavours of ice cream that are kosher.

For those who can’t or don’t eat ice cream, they also offer an assortment of sherbet flavours.

5. Homestead Ice Cream

Homestead Ice Cream has been a fixture in Saskatoon, SK, since 1978. But they also have an ice cream truck they can rent out to you for events.

They make ice cream, sundaes, novelties, and yogurt. Each of them is made in small batches on-site.

There are 40 varieties available at one time but they rotate through 300 different flavours. They even have a great flavour called “Flower Power” that’s lavender flavoured.

If you’re throwing a party, don’t forget to try their dish called, “The Dogs’ Breakfast”. It includes 14 scoops of ice cream, 6 sundae toppings, 2 bananas, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry.

6. Cows

Cows is located on Prince Edward Island and is considered to be one of the best places to get ice cream on the island. That’s because the cow jokes are endless. They even sell items like t-shirts, pajamas, and beach towels with their name on them.

Their flavours are both tasty and whimsical with flavours available like Bessie’s Pumpkin Patch and Cows Moochiato. They also have flavours like vanilla for those with more traditional tastes.

For those not interested in ice cream, they also make and sell their own chocolates, gift baskets, and preserves.

Don’t fret if you don’t live near PEI, they have 11 locations altogether, including one in Beijing, China. But even if you’re not located in Canada or Beijing, you can still enjoy Cows ice cream. They’re willing to ship anywhere in Canada, the US, and even worldwide.

If it seems a bit pricey to have ice cream shipped to you from Canada, you still have an option to save. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

7. One of the Best Places to Get Ice Cream is Mega Cone

Mega Cone is one of the best places to get ice cream because they come to you. Also, their ice cream trucks offer a wide variety of amazing and tasty ice cream treats.

If you’re looking to wow your employees, renting a Mega Cone truck for an event will ensure that everyone has a great time. They’re also perfect for birthday parties, fundraisers, and even weddings.

Mega Cone offers every type of cold treats you can imagine like soft-serve, parfaits, banana boats, and ice cream sandwiches. For those guests who don’t enjoy or can’t eat ice cream, they also serve slushes.

Ready to Scream for Ice Cream?

Don’t wait until spring has arrived to book one of our trucks. They can book up quickly, especially once the weather turns warm.

Contact us now and give us the details of your next gathering. We’ll be glad to help you deliver an experience none of your guests will quickly forget.

How to Throw an Unforgettable Gender Reveal Party

Apart from receiving the news that you’re actually pregnant, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out the sex of your baby

So it’s not surprising that more and more parents-to-be are choosing to throw a gender reveal party to commemorate this special occasion.

If you head to YouTube, you could watch over 500,000 videos of parents-to-be revealing the gender of their baby by slicing cakes, shooting confetti or, releasing balloons, etc.

All of which to uncover a flurry of pink or blue.

In light of this, let’s dive into our top advice on how to host an unforgettable gender reveal party.


First things first, you should consider whether you want to pick a theme.

Here are some fabulous ideas you might want to consider:

  • Ducks (you could hang up “waddle it be” posters and banners)
  • Holiday inspired themes, for example, valentines in February, Halloween in October, Christmas in December, Easter in April, etc.
  • Just simple blue and pink
  • Bees (you could hang up “what will it bee” posters and banners)

The beautiful thing about holiday-themed gender reveal parties is that it’s easy to come up with loads of cute games for your guests to guess the sex of the baby.

For example, you could give your loved ones a blank Christmas tree decoration upon arrival, and get them to write either “boy” or “girl” on it and hang it on a mini tree.

Or, for a Halloween themed party, you could have them write their guess on a pumpkin.

Alternatively, for an Easter-themed party, you could give your guests Easter eggs, and when they unwrap them, a pink or blue colored egg will be waiting for them underneath.

However, most parents-to-be opt for a simple, yet tasteful pink and blue theme.

Think, pink and blue cocktails, foods, cutlery, tablecloths, cups — you name it; there’s probably the gear you need to compliment the theme of your party out there online.

Also, be sure to serve pink and blue ice cream cones. This is a great treat if you’re hosting a summertime party. You could serve strawberry ice cream with blue sprinkles and blue bubblegum ice cream with pink sprinkles!

Party Invitations

We recommend sending your invites approximately six weeks before your party.

There are some beautiful invitations out there, some you can even print out at home. Perfect if you’re on a budget!

Voting Cards

It’s lovely to get a little bit of guest interaction going at your party. As people come through the door, give them each a voting ballot and ask them to guess the gender of your baby!

Then you can see who got it right after you’ve revealed the sex!


When it comes to breaking the news, balloons in a box never fail to disappoint.

Pack your gorgeously decorated box with either pink or blue helium-filled balloons and then unleash them to reveal your baby’s gender to your guests!

Or, request a black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti from your local party supply store.

Then all you need do is pop the balloon with a pin, and the confetti will beautifully flutter out!

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are an amusing and cute way of revealing the sex of your baby.

As your guests scratch away, either the color blue or pink will appear. Alternatively, you could opt for the words “boy” or “girl.”

People love a scratch card, so this is bound to go over well!

Confetti Push Pop

This may just be the most exciting way to get everyone involved in the reveal of your baby’s sex.

Give everyone a confetti push pop, and when it’s time for the big surprise everyone can set their confetti cannons off at the same time.

Either a mass of pink or blue confetti will come tumbling down — what fun!

Let Them Eat Cake, and Ice Cream!

No gender reveal party is complete without a cake and ice cream to wash it down.

There are so many fabulous cake designs online that you could take inspiration from. There are cakes featuring everything from baby booties to adorable playing blocks.

It’ll be difficult to make a choice!

However, the one thing that unites all these cakes is that the icing or sponge inside should boast either a pink or blue color — gorgeous, tasty and fun, what could be better?!

Thank Your Guests

Let’s circle back for a sec to the voting slips we spoke about earlier — you could get your guests to put their voting ballots in either a jar labeled “boy” or “girl.”

Then, after the secret’s out, you could pick a slip from the “correct” jar (make sure everyone writes their name on their ballot) and give them a prize!

You could easily do a similar thing with a raffle. Hand out pink and blue raffle tickets when your guests place their votes and select a winner at random.

Other Gender Reveal Party Ideas

The different types of foods you could serve are endless. Typically, the party food’s eaten before the big reveal.

So, you might want to ensure the nibbles compliment the blue and pink theme.

We have a few ideas for you:

  • Fruit (especially, strawberries, bananas, grapes, etc.) and pretzels dunked in pink or blue frosting or dyed white chocolate.
  • Cupcakes with blue or pink frosting.
  • Cookies dyed pink or blue
  • Vegetables with blue or pink dip (you could add food coloring to ranch dressing)

Needless to say, you could almost make any food fit a pink and blue theme with a bit of imagination and a dash of food coloring.

Want Some More Information?

If you liked this blog post and would like some more ideas on how to throw the ultimate gender reveal party, please feel free to contact us.

Once you’ve sent off your contact form, one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible and help you as best they can. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Office party catering

6 Essentials for the Ultimate Office Party

Your employees work hard. Rewarding them through a little party can go a long way. From an ice cream truck to custom pizzas, throw the ultimate office party.

Have you been tasked with organizing your company’s annual office party? It can be a daunting proposition since you have to please a wide variety of people while sticking to an often strict budget.

Planning the ultimate office party, however, really isn’t hard if you consider these essential elements!

1. An Inviting Atmosphere

If your budget allows for it, try to host the party offsite. It can really put a damper on the festivities if folks are mingling in the conference room or jammed in a tiny office kitchen.

A bar or restaurant is always a good choice. If the company is small enough, you could also ask around to see if anyone is willing to host the office party in their home — that will really help cut costs, as well as provide a more intimate setting.

In a pinch, you can always hold the party at the office. To help employees get their minds off deadlines and to-do lists, push aside desks and chairs. Dim the lighting, too, if possible, and use decorations to make the atmosphere more convivial.

2. Something to Keep Everyone Entertained

One of the problems with office parties is that conversation tends to revolve around work-related issues. And if you’re still talking about those TPS reports or the year-end goals, you’re probably not going to have a very good time.

Providing some games or other diversions can prevent people from falling back on that common conversational denominator. Games that can be played while people are mingling, such as the “Sticker Stalker” game, are especially good for an office party. Good old-fashioned charades or Pictionary will also let folks loosen up and laugh.

3. Delicious Food

What’s a party without food? Steer clear of ordinary fares like pizza and sandwiches.

Instead, provide a variety of appetizers and small plates. These are good for an office party because they can be eaten while standing up, and don’t require knives and forks.

A more informal option is to make the party a potluck. It can also be fun to decide on a theme.

For example, ask everyone to bring their favourite dip or spread, or host a cheese tasting. If you decide to go the potluck route, turn it into a contest with prizes for the most creative and delicious dishes.

It’s hard to go wrong with a “make your own” setup. Provide tortillas, chicken, beef, and all the toppings for a make your own taco bar. Chili with a variety of toppings — sour cream, hot sauces, cheese, crackers, avocado, and onions — is a foolproof dish, too.

Whichever route you go, just remember to offer some meat-free selections for any vegetarians in the office. Additionally, it’s good to check with your company to see if any employees have food allergies or sensitivities.

4. A Selection of Drinks

To serve alcohol or not to serve alcohol? That is always the question when organizing an office party.

You definitely want people to relax and enjoy themselves, but not so much that they become the fodder of office gossip for years to come.

You can minimize the potential damages by giving each employee two drink tickets. If they wish to consume more than two drinks, they’ll have to pay for them out of pocket.

Another option is to serve only wine and beer. This won’t necessarily prevent people from imbibing too much, but it can help avoid awkward moments, like doing tequila shots with the CEO.

It’s smart to talk to managers or supervisors beforehand and ask them to set a good example by limiting their intake. Of course, you will also want to provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, like water, sodas, sparkling juice, and coffee.

5. Bring the Party to the Office!

For a really fun and memorable celebration, why not have a food truck come to the office? An ice cream truck is guaranteed to make every employee smile and line up to get a treat!

In fact, an ice cream truck would make a perfect end-of-the-week treat all on its own. Or reward the team for hitting a sales goal or completing a large project on time and under budget by having an ice cream truck visit the office.

6. A Way to Make Memories

Want to help workers break the ice, while also providing them a souvenir of the party? Try a photo booth rental!

Everyone will have fun smiling or mugging for the camera, trying to squeeze the entire marketing team into the booth, or playing with silly props and costumes.

Most photo booth rental companies will provide funny hats, feather boas, gag glasses, and other accessories for folks to dress up in.

You can also encourage people to bring their own items. Why not incorporate, say, funny hats as a theme of the party? Then document everyone’s contributions with the photo booth.

A Few Other Considerations

Make sure that you specify in the invitation whether or not family members or “plus ones” are welcome at the party. Having unexpected guests show up is going to wreak havoc with your food and beverage supplies, and can be awkward for everyone involved.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to schedule the party for the end of the workday.

For a traditional company that conforms to business hours, Friday is often the best choice. Have the party begin at 4, so that anyone who has a family, or other obligation, can stop by to say hello and have a drink or a bite to eat without having to adjust their schedule.

Ready to Get Your Office Party Started?

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your office party!

Even if you aren’t able to host a big, swinging shindig for your coworkers, why not bring in an ice cream truck to tell everyone that their contributions truly are valued? Contact MegaCone for a quote today.

Tell us about your plans — or share your office-party horror stories — in the comments!

ice cream catering for large groups

5 Best Catering Ideas for Large Groups

So you’re throwing a party and have a large group you want to feed? Well, this can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

I’ll tell you what- we have some crazy but smart catering idea for large groups that will help you organize a successful party without breaking the bank.

At Mega Cone Creamery, we boast of being one of the most established ice cream vendors in Kitchener, Waterloo.

For more than a decade, we have served hundreds, and even thousands of people with our hand built ice cream trucks. Based on this experience, we have the firsthand catering hacks for large groups.

Here are the 5 best catering ideas for large groups.

1. Get the Number of Attendees Right

Whether you are outsourcing catering services or doing it yourself, it’s imperative to get the number of attendees right. What if the number of the attendee exceeds your expectations? It may get embarrassing if some guests don’t get food. On the other hand, it will be costly if the number is much too small for the available food. That means most of it will be a waste. For instance, if you want to hire Mega Cone Creamery, the quantity of the ice cream we bring with us is based on the numbers provided. So if you give wrong numbers, we might get our calculations wrong. But no worries, we always have a backup plan if the attendees exceed our initial prediction.

2. Design a Menu

Now that you have the correct number of people attending, the next step should be designing a menu. The rule of thumb for planning crowd menu is keeping it simple. And I insist that if you are doing for the first time; hire a professional (party planner) to help you out. But a few things that should help you come up with the right menu. First, is the age of your attendees. Are they teenagers, senior citizens, young children or younger people in their 20s? The occasion also matters a lot. Is it a graduation party or what kind of gathering are you feeding? Are you expecting vegetarian and if you yes, do you have an estimated number. Such information will help you design a perfect menu for the crowd.

3. Time of the Day

Well, this is a huge determining factor for the choice of food to prepare. It will also affect the menu in a significant way. For instance, it will be ridiculous if you are organizing a shower at 12:00 and only to serve a few desserts. This is lunch time, and people are likely to be hungry, so they need full lunch at least. If the party is in the morning, there should be plenty of light snacks. For afternoon parties, you need a lot of ice creams, and Mega Cone Creamery is here to offer you the best deal for that. Also, keep in mind that people are likely to eat and drink more during the night.

4. Have a Flexible Budget

Budgeting is where most of the party organizers get it wrong. What informs the budget? There are two ways you can go about it. First, you can get the number of attendees and make a budget out of it. Secondly, you can start with the budget to get the number of the attendees that you can feed. Do not organize a party blindly without having the cost estimates. If you are outsourcing catering services, go for an affordable but quality caterer. What you need is getting value for money. For Mega Cone Creamery, our charges start at $3 per person. That is quite affordable and best offer you can find on the market.

5. Choose Desserts Carefully

People will love the food you prepared for them, but will likely remember the taste of the desserts. If you are doing for the first time, please some research before opting for one. There is a vast array of desserts for the crowd but choose what satisfy any taste. Get the right recipes and if you are finding it difficult, hire a professional to help you out. Ice cream has always been the best option for dessert for large groups. Well if that’s your choice Kitchener, Waterloo area, Mega Cone Creamery has got you covered. Hire us, and we will be there with our ice cream trucks to feed your guests. We will not only feed your guests but also give them nostalgia of having a childhood style ice cream truck.

These the 5 main catering ideas for large groups or crowds. Note that a successful party must feature great desserts. Ice cream will always do the trick. So contact Mega Cone Creamery Inc. for booking, and we will be there with our tracks doing what we know the best- serving ice cream. We are super-efficient, cost-effective and we can serve any number of attendees. Call us any time of the day for booking or if you need any information from us.
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