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Ice Cream Trucks Are Perfect for Any Party

When it comes to throwing parties; the bigger, the better!

Many people have come up with some awesome ideas in their quest of organizing a memorable, fun and unique party.

A great way of making your party unique and exciting is by having an ice cream truck at the venue. And this is where we step in.

When you book our ice cream truck for a party, you can rest assured about the fact that your idea will be a massive hit.

It might be a large corporate event, an office part, or a smaller birthday party or family reunion our ice cream truck would surely make it more fun-filled.

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Why Choose Us?

We know that out of all the types of catering service you can get, the concept of having an ice cream truck is a bit different.


But take it from our years of experience, we have only seen love, amazement and sometimes happy tears in the eyes of all those who we served.

As you are working in an office, may it be for 1 year or 10 years, the years of the careless, stress-free childhood is old news. And this is why having an ice cream truck at the party will be perfect.

Not only it will be something quite new, but at the same it will be very nostalgic as well. Now this is a feeling which is truly different.

Great Addition to Elevate Current Plans

Our ice cream truck works great as an added attraction or as the dessert option/section of the party or as the main attraction as well.

So no matter what type of party you are planning and what age group you are looking to cater to, you can definitely find a way to fit us in it.


Now, thinking from the perception of someone who is organizing a large corporate gathering, hiring our cheap party catering service will be a sound and effective decision for you.

At a very affordable price you will be able to have a uniqueness to the party. Even though we have a lot of different items on the menu, it actually starts with just $3 for each person which is quite less compared to most of the other catering options out there.

Fast & Efficient 

Besides being an affordable option, we are also a quick solution as well.

We will be in charge of the whole operation and we can accurately serve each one at the party quickly as well. This is done by us as we know that time is very costly in corporate world.

So, we wanted to be an option where the corporate world can enjoy some much needed break without harming the company’s valuable time.

If you need something fuss-free and quick to lift up the moral of the employees or to reward them for completing the project or business goal, our ice cream truck will be great. Everyone at the party will have the time of their life without wasting to much of the company’s precious working hours.

Just think about it, planning a BBQ or a Picnic Lunch will equal to wasting of the whole day for just few hours. Whereas, no way the work flow of the employees will be disrupted if you decide to hire us.

This combination of being a quick, affordable yet eye-catching option is the reason why hiring us will be very beneficial for you as we would be a very cost effective option for the party.

Ice Cream Truck Rentals for Your Next Party

In order to be one of the best catering food trucks for parties, there are many things that the catering service provider needs to possess and/or perform.

We are proud to mention that we pay attention to these as we have a dedication to be the best. But, the fact that impeccable taste and impeccable service lies at the heart of it all cannot be overlooked.

So, we would next like to talk about these two things next.

Great Taste

We use only the finest of ingredients and best methods and machines to create our signature menu items. From classic soft serve cones to nostalgic banana boats to make your own sundaes with some of the best wide range of toppings to handmade shakes and ice cream sandwich to the ever popular popsicles and other frozen treat; we got it all!

Great Service

In our attempt to provide a stress-free service, we do it all! We will come and set up, serve hundreds of your employees and clean up and then leave. You do not need to think about anything; just have fun and leave everything to us.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to hire your very own ice cream truck for a party for the next party or event you will be organizing.

Our Menu

Our fresh, delicious ice cream comes in a wide array of flavors and varieties to ensure that everyone finds a sweet treat that they enjoy. We have delicious soft serve, dipped cones, sundaes, parfaits, banana boats, handmade ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, as well as slushies and popsicles for those who aren’t crazy about soft serve.

  • Soft Serve Cones

    Soft Serve Cones

    We use only the finest ingredients to create our signature soft serve cones.

    Pick your favorite flavor:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Twist

    When you see us, don’t forget to ask about the MEGA CONE.

  • Dipped Cones

    Dipped Cones

    How do you take the perfect ice cream cone and make it better?

    You dip it in Chocolate, Butterscotch, Oreo Crumble or Blueberry!

  • The Mega Cone

    The Mega Cone

    The Mega Cone is a sweet and crunchy waffle cone piled high with our signature soft serve to take your cone experience to the next level.

    Take The Mega Cone Challenge

  • Ice Cream Sundaes

    Ice Cream Sundaes

    Now we’re talking! Our ice cream sundaes come in your choice of a vareity of different ice cream flavours and toppings:

    • Chocolate
    • Hot Fudge
    • Strawberry
    • Blueberry
    • Butterscotch
    • Pineapple
  • Peanut Parfait

    Peanut Parfait

    You like peanuts? We got your peanuts!

    A crunchy, creamy, combination of peanuts, vanilla soft serve and a generous helping of chocolate sauce.

  • Banana Boats

    Banana Boats

    No reputable ice-creamery would neglect this classic banana treat. This combo of vanilla and chocolate soft serve, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate sauce and cherries hits the spot every time.

  • Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Our ice cream sandwiches are handmade from our signature vanilla or chocolate soft serve.

  • Mega Shakes

    Mega Shakes

    Our premium handmade shakes are made with 100% Canadian Milk and will put even the best shake shoppe to shame.

    Choose from a variety of decadent flavors or combine multiple flavors for your own personalized concoction:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Banana
    • Oreo
    • Butterscotch
    • Blueberry
  • Icebergs


    We take the beloved slushie to the next level. Imagine one of our 8 slushie flavors topped with our premium soft serve ice cream and sprinkles.

  • Slushes


    There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than an ice cold Slush or Iceberg.

    Try all these exciting flavors:

    • Strawberry
    • Raspberry
    • Water Melon
    • Lemon Lime
    • Orange
    • Grape
    • Cherry
    • Banana
  • Popsicles & Treats

    Popsicles & Treats

    Not into creamy soft serve, (wtf?) We’ve got you covered!

    Choose from these popular items:

    • Sponge Bob
    • Cry Baby Sour Ice
    • Snow Cones
    • Rockets
  • Ice Cold Drinks

    Ice Cold Drinks

    Wash down that amazing ice cream with a refreshing bottle of water or your choice of a varsity of pop.

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