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10 Tips for Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

When you’re just a kid, birthdays are a big deal. After all, they only happen once a year.

Of course, you want to make sure your kid’s birthday party is special. But if you have more than one child, planning a birthday party can really break the bank. However, we don’t think it needs to be this way.

In fact, you can throw your kid a birthday party to remember on a budget. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for organizing a kid’s birthday party on a shoestring.

Keep reading for our top 10 tips for planning a birthday party for your kid!

1. Ask Your Child, What he or she Wants

Many parents go ahead and start planning and organizing a kid’s birthday party without actually asking their child when he or she wants.

Unless your child is still a baby, they probably have a good idea about what they want from a party. In fact, often kids can be much more creative and specific than adults.

Maybe your son wants a baseball party or your daughter wants a Harry Potter-themed party. Whatever it is, you can make it happen on a budget.

Once you know what your child wants, search for more ideas on Pinterest. This is great for finding inspiration about designing invites, coming up with food ideas and what kind of games to play.

2. Make a Budget

It’s really important to set out how much you’re willing to spend on your kid’s birthday party.

Once you have your budget, you have to make sure you keep disciplined and don’t overspend.

3. Choose an Affordable Location

The location of the birthday party can make or break it. Obviously, you can’t go overboard by hiring a five-star hotel for your little one’s celebrations. But you can find somewhere suitable within your budget.

This could be your house or the house of someone else. If you have a big house, this could be the perfect venue for your kid’s birthday party.

Other options are the local park, the church or a local town or village hall. These are the types of places where you can use the space for free, or for a small fee.

You may have to include a cleaning or security deposit that you’ll get back if you leave the venue in the same condition you found it. But make sure you include this in your budgeting.

4. Choose the Time Carefully

Mornings and afternoons are great times for a budget children’s birthday party because they don’t require meals. If you have to provide a whole load of kids with lunch or dinner, this can definitely break the bank.

However, you can throw an awesome kid’s birthday party by skipping the meal and going straight to the ice-cream by hiring an ice cream truck.

It’s also important to consider the cost of booking the venue at different times. For instance, reserving a place for the morning is often cheaper than in the afternoons.

5. Create Your Own Invites

Designing your own invitations is another way to save money when organizing the party.

If you’re creative, then this is a great way to show off your skills. But you don’t have to be really creative to make invites on a budget.

With the website Canva, you can design your own invitations and just print them off at home. Then all you need to do is post them to friends and family. Get your kids to give the invites to their friends at school.

6. Use Decorations More Than Once

Birthday decorations can be costly to purchase every single year. But if you buy some reusable and non-specific themed decorations, you can use them every year.

You can mix themed and non-themed decorations together to save money. For instance, mix generic bunting with themed paper plates.

7. Make Your Own Themed Cake

To go along with the yummy ice-cream, you can also make your own themed birthday cake for your kid’s birthday.

After all, buying or ordering birthday cakes from bakeries and supermarkets can be extremely expensive.

Plus, this way you can make sure you make the cake of your kid’s dreams. Whether it’s a Batman-themed sponge cake or a Frozen-themed chocolate cake.

If you’re not the best cook, anyone can do some cupcakes with a simple decoration.

8. Come Up With New Games to Play

No kid’s birthday party is complete without some games. This is why you and your children have to use your imagination to come up with new games to go with the traditional games of “pass the parcel” and “sleeping lions”.

If you’re struggling to invent something new, check out Pinterest again for some weird and wonderful party games.

9. Be Creative About Take Away Gifts

Everyone knows that guests have to leave your kid’s birthday party with a gift. While some parties go with elaborate and expensive gift bags, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can be creative by coming up with a themed-gift for the kids that attend. If you’re holding a Harry Potter-themed party, include a stick for a magic wand and some jelly beans as some “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans“.

10. Relax and Enjoy It

One of the most important things to do when it comes to planning your kid’s birthday party is to simply relax and enjoy the party.

Of course, you want to create a wonderful and memorable party for your kid. But every parent is surprised by how easily excited children get sometimes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it a special day.

Enjoy Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

You don’t need to break the bank for your child’s birthday party. By following these 10 tips you can throw a wonderful party on a budget.

Let’s make this a birthday to remember, by hiring an ice-cream van that will delight everyone! Get in touch with us today for more information on our ice-cream services for birthdays or any other events.

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8 Tips for Throwing a Hassle-Free Backyard Party

When you picture hot fun in the summertime, a big backyard party is bound to be right up there. Family, friends, food, fun, and maybe a few firework sparklers thrown into the mix. It’s a summer staple.

But a lot of people dread throwing a backyard party, simply because of the amount of work it can be. Who wants to host a party where you’re running around working all the time instead of enjoying yourself?

It honestly doesn’t have to be that complicated. Throwing a hassle-free party is entirely possible, and can actually be fun when you know how to plan one properly.

Not convinced? These 8 tips to keep your backyard party hassle-free may just change your mind.

1. Let Your Guests Know What to Expect

Right out of the gate, you can avoid any hassles by filling your guests in on the details of your backyard party. When people know what to expect, it bypasses all misunderstandings and confusion that can throw a wet towel on the fun before it even begins.

In the invitation, be clear about what your guests should wear. What time and where they should show up. Where they should park. What time the food will be served. What to expect during your party. What will happen if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

When your guests show up already in the know, the only thing left to do is have some fun.

2. Ask Friends for Help

Just because it’s your party doesn’t mean you have to do all the work yourself, right? Surely there are a few friends in the crowd who love organizing and setting up for a party. Or maybe a few that owe you for helping them move… now’s a good time to cash in those favours.

Invite a few people over early! Ask for help in setting up tables and chairs, or for their expertise in hanging up lights.

And make sure to make it fun. When you put on music and make a dance party out of it, it will only seem like the party started early instead of just work. Plus there’s always the incentive of taste testing all the food before the rest of the guests arrive.

3. Prepare Food in Advance

Plan your menu out early. Knowing what you need in advance will eliminate any last-minute trips to the store.

Or have your guests bring a dish and make it a potluck! That will also ensure everyone has something they love to eat at the party. Picky eater crisis adverted.

Or better yet, hire out some, or all, of the cooking to someone else. We would be happy to cover the sweet treats for you! Nothing says backyard party summer fun like inviting an ice cream truck into the mix.

4. Be Prepared for Any Weather Changes

Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice, especially when she surprises you with a pop-up summer storm. Unless you like throwing last-minute parties, it’s wise to have a back-up plan in case the weather turns south.

Set-up a covered section of the deck or patio to protect against any rain or unforgiving rays from the sun. If the weather is stormier than that, make sure you have an area of your house that is big enough to hold everyone comfortably. Indoor games will also keep everyone entertained and the fun from getting rained out.

5. Comfort Is Key

It’s common sense – if your guests aren’t comfortable, they’re not going to want to stick around for long. So common courtesy dictates to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Set-up fans or misting stations if the weather is particularly hot. Have sunscreen available to avoid sunburns. Play music that isn’t too overwhelming. If it gets chilly after dark, set-up a fire pit (which also comes in handy for s’mores!).

6. Keep Uninvited Guests Away

Nothing can be as annoying, or gross, then attracting a bunch of uninvited guests in the form of bugs. Finding a fly in your drink or swatting away a swarm of mosquitoes isn’t the form of entertainment you had in mind. And sending your guests home with a bunch of mosquito bites isn’t the best idea for party favours.

Set-up decorative citronella candles and torches throughout the entertaining area. You can also have some bug spray on hand for extra protection.

It’s also known that mosquitoes are weak fliers. Setting up fans around the area would also help keep them at bay, and cool off your guests. A win-win!

7. Entertainment for Everyone

No one likes a boring party. It goes along with keeping your guests comfortable – if they’re not entertained, they’re likely not going to stay long.

Have some backyard party games set-up. Entertain the kiddos, or the kids at heart, with a bubble station. Let everyone bring a swimsuit for a pool party or to run through the sprinklers. Play an outdoor movie when the sun goes down.

Don’t let the fun stop when everyone is finished eating. The food should only be the beginning!

8. No One Goes Home Empty-Handed

A backyard party to remember will be one in which your guest will have something to remember it by. That can take the form of party favours and barbecue leftovers.

How fun would it be to have a photo op area, or photo booth, for everyone to take home themed pictures of themselves? Or little gift bags filled with trinkets designed in whatever theme your party is in.

And you don’t need to be stuck with all the leftover food! Have to-go containers for your guests to fill up with all the goodies they want to snack on later. That’s a bonus for them, and less clean-up for you.

Your Next Backyard Party Can Be as Easy Breezy as Summer

Part of the fun when the weather getting warmer is the ability to enjoy it with family and friends. And with some preparation and thought, your next party can be hassle-free and fun for the whole season.

Want to book us for your next party or event? Contact us today!

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How to Throw an Awesome Employee Appreciation Event to Improve Company Morale

Where would your business be without employees? Nowhere.

But employees aren’t just bodies performing tasks and activities that make your business run. They’re people, and people liked to be thanked for the work they do.

Done well, employee appreciation events produce remarkable results. Some results benefit the employees. Other benefit your bottom line. All can last long after the event is over.

When you calculate the cost of staff turnover, who can argue with the value of showing gratitude?

Read on to discover how to make your next employee appreciation event awesome!


Should appreciation events be held during work hours or outside of them?

The answer depends on how your company operates and the scope of the event.

Most often, events held during work hours are better received by employees. It feels special, like playing hooky from school, when a portion of the workday is spent at a party.

But watch out for the pitfalls of holding an employee appreciation event during the day. They can cause good intentions to backfire:

  1. Remove productivity or similar requirements for the time the employee is at the event
  2. Make it clear that those requirements have been removed
  3. Pay the employee for their time at the event

If your business uses multiple shifts, be sure to hold an equal event during each shift.

For events held outside of working hours, follow these guidelines:

  • Make attendance voluntary
  • Plan activities and entertainment that’s out of the ordinary or otherwise compelling
  • Keep the location close to the workplace so you know people can get there
  • Allow families or a plus-one to attend to reduce the impact of using personal time to receive the appreciation

Also, consider showing gratitude year round for longer-lasting effects.


A key component of a successful employee appreciation event is interaction. Provide ways for employees to interact with each other beyond ordinary chit-chatting. Games are a great way to achieve this.

Also, create interaction between “the organization” and employees. It can be in the form of a high-energy presentation or touch-screens at exhibit booths.

The way tables for eating food are set up also contributes to interactivity. Tables that seat 4-6 are best for facilitating conversations.

If you use large tables, try placing cards with conversation starters in the center to spark interaction among the larger group.


Have you ever been to a party without music? Of course not! What’s a party without music?

At an employee appreciation event with lots of presentations, make sure to have music as people arrive and mingle. Also, between presenters or segments.

Live music is the best for keeping energy high. But using a skilled DJ or well-constructed playlist can also work.

When choosing songs, stick to those that most employees will have heard and can enjoy. Contemporary pop songs are usually a safe choice. But if you have many employees over 40, also include a few golden oldies!


Whether your employee appreciation event is indoors or outside, formal or casual, food is a great way to show appreciation.

After location, food could be the most important aspect of the event.

Sometimes, the entire event is about food. For example, holding an employee appreciation lunch or setting up a bagel and coffee bar every morning for a week.

The secret to a successful employee appreciation event with food is to hire quality caterers. You can start with recommendations but never forgo tasting the food yourself.

Look for suppliers who have experience serving a group as large as yours. Give them a tour of the location before signing a contract to avoid any logistic or food safety and prep issues.

For outdoor events, consider having multiple vendors with individual setups such as BBQ pits and ice cream trucks. Not only does it make it easy for employees to get the food they want, but it can also enhance the fun factor.


Next to food, giveaways are a popular thing at any employee appreciation event.

Loot bags with small items, some branded and others not, are an easy way to make everyone feel valued. Keep items simple, universal, and of good quality. Try to mix practical items like pens, thumb drives, or portable USB chargers with more playful items like stress balls, stuffed toys, or fidget spinners for maximum joy.

Also, use giveaways as prizes for games or other friendly competitions. If you want to hold a raffle, don’t require employees to buy the tickets. Individuals should pay for nothing at an employee appreciation event.

Employee Appreciation Event Photos

Even though everyone has a camera in their pocket all time, hire a skilled photographer to take pictures of the event.

Candid shots are fun. Ask the photographer roam around, snapping pics. Just let employees know when they arrive at the event, they could be in a candid shot.

If there’s a formal presentation segment during the event, get lots of photos in case you want to use them in the annual report or marketing materials.

Setting up a photo booth can help increase interaction and induce contagious laughter. Supply costume pieces such as hats, glasses, and scarves plus props that align with the event theme or what your business does.

If you have games such as Throw-a-Pie-at-the-Boss or the execs are the lunch servers, get pictures. And don’t forget to share them with employees as soon as possible after the event.

Closing Thought

As a leading provider of creamy ice cream treats in Southwestern Ontario, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve been a part of many employee events from corporate parties to company picnics.

Every event is different. But the most successful always put what would make the employees feel good at the top of the priority list. Planners of successful events create ways for employees to get unique experiences and good memories.

If you’re in the Kitchener or London areas, add a fun and delicious treat to your employee appreciation day with ice cream. Contact us today to find out how!

Office party catering

Mega Cone Makes Events and Corporate Parties More Fun-filled

Are you planning to organize an event or corporate party? If yes, then you must make sure that it doesn’t end up being a boring, regular thing. You must take steps to make the celebration fun-filled, exciting, and if possible nostalgic. One way you can achieve all these things effortlessly is by having an ice cream truck at the event venue. The company that can do that for you in the most comprehensive way is Mega Cone Creamery Inc.

We have been serving for more than a decade and to date have served millions of happy customers. We don’t treat the job of serving ice cream just as our profession; ice cream happens to be out passion. We all know that miracles are created when someone’s passion becomes his/her profession. We have been doing just that since we began our journey as ice cream truck caterers.

Our trucks come filled with high quality, yummy handmade ice creams and can be exciting additions to events and parties of any size. It might be an event with just a few hundreds of your corporate clients or thousands of invitees we will not fail to satisfy you and your client’s taste buds. You can have our trucks event to complement smaller birthday parties and pig roast catering.

What Makes Us Special?

People get in touch with Mega Cone Creamery for having ice cream trucks at a wide variety of events. That’s because these trucks are something that would bring a smile to the face of people of all age groups. While kids tend to find them endearing, adults become nostalgic upon seeing them. However, those are not the only reasons that make us special. Here are the other prominent factors that have made us the most sought after catering service of current times.

Our Dedicated & Friendly Staff

Our company is representing by the most kind and friendly staff you will ever come across. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that the parties/events they are catering at offer maximum fun to the attendees. In fact, they don’t shy away from going above their limits to make an event exciting for the guests and satisfying for the hosts.

Highly Efficient Working Procedure

We always adopt a procedure that makes organizing the event a stress free affair for our clients. With us, you will never need to put in additional effort or money for cleaning up the area we serve at. We have a clean, quick, and absolutely seamless setup and breakdown method.

We would take minimum time to serve the most delicious ice creams to your guests. With us, they would never need to wait in queue for several minutes for tasting their favorite ice creams.

Truly Delectable Menu

The best thing about our menu is its versatility. We serve ice creams in a range of varieties and flavors; so, everyone would surely find something that would pamper their sweet tooth. Our menu includes yummy soft serves, parfaits, dipped cones, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, banana boats, slushies, popsicles, milkshakes, and a more such delicious options. What’s more, we keep adding more delectable options to our menu from time to time. This, in turn, keeps making our service even more sought after.


With us, having fun has become affordable. You will not need to have a big budget for having a Mega Cone ice cream truck at your event. It might appear surprising, but our ice cream truck rental has an unbelievable starting price of $3 per head. This makes us equally popular among small business and big corporate houses.

Call Us Now as Only Limited Slots are Available

To book our trucks, you would just need to fill out a form with some basic information like the kind of event you are looking to organize, its date and time, and number of corporate clients/guests you are looking to invite. The rest will be handled by us with great expertise. We would get back to you quickly with a fair price quote.

We receive hundreds of order every day. This forces us to keep the number of available slots limited. So, if you are really interested to make your guests or corporate clients happy and nostalgic, Contact Us now.

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Benefits Of Hiring Business Catering Services

Catering forms a very crucial part of any event whether it’s a corporate event, book signing, gallery opening, seminar, rehearsal dinner or any other important business event.

Organizing a successful event may require plenty of time, hard work, and dedication. Whether you plan to host an indoor event or an outdoor event, you need to think of the best possible catering services.

If you need a cost-effective and efficient way to please the people attending your business event, then an ice cream truck service is the way to go!

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Ice Cream Business Catering

Gives a Unique Impression

In a business event, the image that your company presents to its customers and clients is very essential. Serving substandard and low-quality food is can be an easy way to make your company look badly run. Hiring Mega Cone Creamery, on the other hand, means that your business event attendees are guaranteed to be provided with a sweet treat that is wonderfully presented and served exactly on time. Hiring the best possible catering services also sends a positive message to your customers and clients, showing them that you value their time and opinion.

Work With Practicality and Ease

Hiring Mega Cone Creamery will save you both effort and time, because a huge proportion of the work will be taken care of by us. All the planning, preparation, and serving will be coordinated and carried out by a dedicated and efficient team. Even though you’ll still be responsible for managing the budget and other key details, handing over the most of the work to our team will give you and your staff time for other business-related tasks and fine-tuning other event details.

The other options for a lunch catering event are few. The most common options are either buying food from a food store, which may turn out to be shoddy, or have your staff prepare food themselves, which may take up valuable time and may not be up to standard. In terms of practicality, no other option provides peace of mind and food quality as business catering.

Get Expert Planning

Creating a plan which works around every person’s food allergies or eating requirements is not easy to implement and may be very difficult. Fortunately, ice cream is loved by many people and not many people have allergies to ice cream. Ice cream fits any situation and provides alternatives and different flavors to keep each person satisfied, all within budget.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

Whether it’s a simple or a bit complicated business event, Mega Cone Creamery catering ensures that food and service work together to create a memorable event. Our ice cream truck services can create stunningly prepared quality ice cream and deliver excellent serving services. By giving specific instructions about the appearance you want, you can give your attendees an experience that is best suited to both the event and your business’ personality.

Leave Time for Business

Business lunch catering can help a company to make the most out of the event being hosted. With all the preparation and serving all taken care of, you will be left with as much time as possible to spend with your colleagues and clients. You won’t have to run here and there wondering whether everything has been catered for. Mega Cone Creamery ensures that everything is sorted and arranged well in advance, so during the event you can interact with your clients without any unpleasant surprises or worries.

Why You Should Hire Mega Cone Creamery For Business Catering Services.

Our professional catering company offers a wide variety of options suitable for all kinds of business events. As one of the best caterers, Mega Cone Creamery offers high quality and dedicated catering services to help you concentrate on the actual event itself. We offer cost effective prices and the price of a lunch catering service may depend on factors like the number of guests and other factors. Our team can really be a great assistant to you when holding an event. Our professional services are available to make your business event run smoothly and make it easier for you. The last thing that you want to do is to worry about your dining requirements. Take the stress from your event planning, leave it to us and trust us to do an excellent job.

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